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Trauma, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD - can start after any traumatic event.  A traumatic event is one where we are in danger and our life is threatened, or where we see other people being injured or dying.  The symptoms of PTSD can start after a delay of weeks, or even months but they tend to appear within 6 months of a traumatic event.

Typical traumatic events would be:  - serious road accident  - car accident - military combat  - battle fatigue - sexual assault - physical attack – verbal abuse – robbery - mugging - natural - or man-made disasters.

Most people, in time, get over the traumatic experience without needing help.  However, in some people though, (about 1 in 3) the traumatic experience sets off a reaction that can last for many months or years.  It’s as though they can’t come to terms with what had happened – it seems that they have got stuck.



Using EMDR, followed by hypnosis, allows the mind to process the information and the healing of traumas and negative emotional experiences.  It allows for a rapid processing of deeply rooted memories, giving individuals back the control of their lives and their emotions.  EMDR can bring about much faster results, and positive outcomes.  

To understand how EMDR can help you, the Surrey Hyphnosis Clinic on 01737 842 683.  

Eve Kelsey is trained by the EMDR Institute, Level 2 Practitioner.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) is a technique which uses eye movements.  The dual focus of eye movements whilst reflecting on the event eliminates or lessens the negative associations of the event and has a calming, self affirming effect.  It may sound odd, but it has been used to help

  • combat stress, battle fatigue, military combat
  • victims of the July London bombings
  • victims of assault

with succesful results.  In fact EMDR emerged to treat Vietnam war veterans and has been formalised as a therapy since.

The sessions are held weekly or fortnightly, and continue for 6 - 12 sessions.  Each session lasts up to 60 - 90 minutes.

EMDR can:

  • be non directive
  • use measured exposures
  • target specific information related to the problem
  • be used without the therapist needing to know the full details of the trauma, only what happens during the process

Once you can start to feel safe again and in control of your feelings, you gain more control over your memories so that you only think about them when you want to, rather than having them burst into your mind spontaneously.


PTSD Symptoms

People suffering from traumatic events feel grief-stricken, depressed, anxious, guilty and angry. As well as these emotional reactions, there are three main types of symptoms:



    • Persistent anxiety
    • Hypervigilance
    • Irritability
    • Insomnia
    • Poor concentration


    • Difficulty in recalling stressful events at will
    • Intensive intrusive imagery
    • Recurring distressing dreams


    • Avoidance of reminders of the event
    • Detachment
    • Inability to feel emotion (numbness)
    • Diminished interest in activity


Why does PTSD Happen?

When we are under tremendous stress, our body produces adrenaline by activating our fight / flight response.  It pumps up the body to prepare the body for action.  Once the stressor disappears, the level of adrenaline should go back to normal.  However, vivid recollections of the trauma keeps the level of adrenaline high, and whilst the adrenaline remains high the trauma cannot be processed in its normal way.  Once the adrenaline level is reduced the disturbing thoughts and memories can be processed.   You cannot change or forget what has happened but you can begin to think differently about it, about the event, and about your life.



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